Economic Shore Excursion

from Puntarenas or Caldera Port.

Stops and activities included in our Puntarenas shore excursions

Our coast trip is one of those adventures which are perfect for tourists of all ages. So, whether you love traveling solo or want to bring your little ones to marvelous sites as well, you won’t find anything better than this tour. What makes our road tour one of the most sought-after Puntarenas, Costa Rica shore excursions is that it includes everything you need to have the best vacation ever. Take a look at some stops we will make:

  • Monkey habitat: If you are obsessed with monkeys, our first stop will strike your fancy. We will pay a visit to the spot where you will be able to watch monkeys in their natural habitat and take as many photos as you want.
  • Fruit stands: A varied range of exotic fruits is one of the primary reasons why Puntarenas is teeming with tourists year in and year out. During this stop, you will be able to stock up on everything from mangos to pitayas and tamarinds.
  • Crocodile Bridge: The Tarcoles River is home to the largest American Crocodile population. Don’t forget to pack the camera because it is something you will never see again.
  • Tarcoles area: At this point in your tour, all or part of the group will have the opportunity to choose among all the variety of additional (optional) adventure and recreational activities. As part of the tour, the group will spend something about 2 hours in the beautiful area of TarcolesIt’s where the most exhilarating activities in Puntarenas, Costa Rica take place. It’s up to you to go for zip-lining over Herradura Bay add $65.-, extreme off-road driving add. $75, or a hanging bridges touradd. $40.-. Besides, you can take a leisurely Puntarenas cruise and adore the real beauty while sailing amidst the mangroves add$ 40.-. But note that all activities are optional and not included in the price of the road trip package. For inactive people, our driver will take you to lookout points, visit the beach and watch the famous Scarlet Macaws.
  • Souvenir shops: Once you are done with your Puntarenas, Costa Rica cruise or any other pastime, we will head off to gift stores. Be sure to find an abundant variety of memorabilia at the best prices there.
  • Esparza: We have some good news for history buffs. Before we start getting back to Puntarenas City, we will visit Esparza, one of the most ancient cantons of the province.
  • Must-see spots: At the end of your trip, our guide will show you some of the most popular destinations in the area, including Fish Market, Lighthouse, Ferry Station, and Cathedral so that you know which ones are worth returning to.

Can you imagine the intense surge of emotions that leaves you no other choice but to let the innermost parts of your being experience it? That is what you should expect from going on our
Pacific coast Shore Excursion highway tour
in Puntarenas. The reflected glare of the sun, breathtaking views, and multiple stops at Pura Vida locations are waiting for you during this journey. Here we do not offer just another road trips from point A to point B. Instead, we arrange thrilling getaways along the Costa Rican Pacific coast which include visiting many picturesque places and indulging in fun pastimes.

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If you book this
Puntarenas, Costa Rica travel
itinerary, you will be guided by a bilingual driver to make sure your trip will be going well. What is more, you will be able to customize the journey plan so that it meets your expectations. In other words, it’s your unique opportunity to explore Puntarenas the way you always wanted!

  • The tour start at 8:00 or when the ship is late 30 minutes after disembarking.
  • In Puntarenas at the entrance of the pier and in Caldera at the entrance of the port min. 8 Person
  • 19 dollars deposit and 10 dollars at the start of the tour
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There is nothing like road and cruise shore excursions to make your journey unforgettable. Book an all-day trip at Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo to get the most out of it!

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