Our Testimonials

Simply awesome. The best Canopy ever, recommended. I will keep on mind to come back. See you on next may.

Amira Daniels

I will never forget this experience truly majestic place the yours. Good attention for sure. Thank you!

Lindsay Hills

This tour was amazing. So much fun. Great experience and professional guides. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Mason

Hi Barbara, It’s Angela from Canada! We did the tour the last February. The best what we did in Costa Rica.

Angela Harachka

This was an incredible experience. The waterfalls were awesome. About management and staff excellent. We hope to come back soon.

Roy and Danielle

Male Testimonial

I did the Zipline! Was so impressive and breath taker. I can´t wait to come back. I will do all the rest of tours…

Raymond Lee

Great team Barbara and Dietmar… I did other canopy ziplines but the your was the best. Keep a place for us next year!

Monika and Bernard

This was amazing for sure. we scream and smile same time. There is nothing better. Great food too…


Wonderful time in the canopy tour. Everything was perfect even the weather. Definitely I think to come back…

Mandy Dankin

Thank you for an unforgettable day with you. You did a great job. You must be proud of your country. Costa Rica is beautiful.

Mosvol Family

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