Welcome to Cost Rica Zip Line and Canopy Adventure Park

We’re inviting everyone to visit our one-of-a-kind adventure park in Costa Rica where nature meets excitement and where enjoyment takes a different meaning.

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Costa Rica – Meet the Green Jewel of Central America

Squeezed between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is a small country home to awe-inspiring rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, and mountains. The country is an ultimate destination for nature lovers, and each year, over 3 million tourists come here and feed their wanderlust.

Whether you’re living in Costa Rica or coming from a foreign country, our adventure park in Costa Rica is here to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll remember for years.

About Park

Located in the Heart of Costa Rica

The park is just a 15-min distance from Pan American Highway #1. As you come here, you’ll be welcomed by courteous staff going above and beyond to meet all your needs. We’ll stay with you every step of the way so you can make lovely memories without getting distracted.

Enjoy Zipline Tour Over 11 Waterfalls

Embarking on a zip line tour is a dream come true for thrill seekers. But what if you could also discover the beauty of natural wonders while flying? What if you pass over 11 waterfalls, all boosting your passion for exploration with their heavenly views?

Here at our adventure park in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy a thrilling zip line tour comprising 25 cables and passing over 11 heart-stopping waterfalls. As you fly from one point to another, you’ll observe canyons, mountains, and the flora and fauna up close. It would be a wonderful experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

So book your tour now and get ready to face the heights head-on.

Why you should visit Costa Rica
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Boundless Adventure Awaits At Our Park

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Tarzan Swing

At Vista Golfo, we have cooked something special for adventurers like you. The Tarzan Swing offers breathtaking views during your adventure travel in Costa Rica. As you fly across the rainforest, time seems to slow down, your heart races and the wind rushes past. It’s like you are having a conversation with nature. You take a leap, and nature responds with a surge of excitement.

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Ropes Course

Amp up your adventure game with the biggest ropes course in Costa Rica. You will be swinging, climbing, and wiggling your way through suspended bridges and crazy cool obstacles without worrying about running out of time. It’s not just about the thrill, though. It’s about the laughs you will share with friends as you tackle challenges together, or the solo victories that will make you do a victory dance up there on the ropes.

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Have you ever dreamt of feeling the wind in your hair as you descend from breathtaking heights? With each controlled slide down, you are conquering the rock, facing the fears, and showing gravity who is the boss. The world around you will change perspective, and you will catch stunning views as our park is located in a scenic location. Plus, when you hit the ground, you will have bragging rights, too!

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Wall Climbing

If you love defying gravity and conquering heights, then visit our adventure park in Costa Rica. The wall climbing action at our park will send your palms tingling and your heart racing with excitement. Our walls are made for climbers of all levels. For example, we have routes that are like a friendly handshake with the wall, and others that will challenge even the expert climbers. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of deal.

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Thrilling Stories from Our Happy Tourists!

Why Choose Us?

Complete Safety

People visit our park to have exciting and memorable times. It is our responsibility to keep them safe during their time at our park. To make this possible, we follow strict safety standards and provide proper training, equipment, and guides for each activity.

Lively Atmosphere

Our park is always buzzing with energy. As soon as you step in, you will feel welcome, excited, and full of good vibes. It’s infectious. The excitement spreads like wildfire, and suddenly, you can’t wait to jump into all the activities that our park has to offer.


Well-maintained amenities are essential for a comfortable visit. They help visitors relax between activities and provide a convenient experience. At our park, we have clean and tidy restrooms, picnic areas, and food stalls to help you revitalize and start again.

The Fun Doesn’t Have To End When the Sun Sets.

We take pride in having a top-notch hotel that gives you stunning views over the Gulf of Nicoya. Let your adventure tour in Costa Rica continue in comfort and style by reserving your preferred accommodation today.

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