Lets talk about waterfalls zipline tour

Imagine soaring through the air, feeling the wind rush past your face, as you fly over not just one, or two, but eleven stunning waterfalls. This is the experience that awaits you on the Amazing Mega waterfalls zipline over 11 Waterfalls. As you gear up and prepare for your adventure, you can feel your excitement … keep reading

Costa Rica zipline with natural style

Costa Rica zipline part of a natural jewel full of beautiful beaches, varied tropical forests and a wide biodiversity, yes we are talking about Costa Rica itself. An adventure much sought after by our visitors and tourists is the zip line, a way of sliding through the heights of the forest through a series of … keep reading

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Why Ziplining in Costa Rica Should be on Your Bucket List

Have you ever wanted to fly? You can now fulfill your dream of visiting a beautiful tropical forest by participating in one exciting and risk-free adventure, yes it is named Ziplining in Costa Rica. Consider cruising above the rainforest from tree to tree, hundreds of meters in the air, taking in breathtaking views. Isn’t it … keep reading

Canopy Zipline

Canopy Zipline Tours in Costa Rica

A great vacation is often about new experiences, and if you’ve never tried the Canopy Zipline through a rainforest canopy, now’s your chance. Safety is a priority on all zipline canopy tours in Costa Rica, and most tours include an introductory session for those who have never experienced the thrill of ziplining before. Experienced tour … keep reading

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Costa Rica Canopy Zipline

The canopy zipline is one of Costa Rica’s most popular adventure activities. The zipline was invented in the 1970s as a way for scientists to explore the rainforest canopy. Adventurers quickly recognized the opportunity and began elevating one end so they could zip from one end to the other. These zips were eventually developed into … keep reading

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