Costa Rica zipline with natural style

Costa Rica zipline part of a natural jewel full of beautiful beaches, varied tropical forests and a wide biodiversity, yes we are talking about Costa Rica itself. An adventure much sought after by our visitors and tourists is the zip line, a way of sliding through the heights of the forest through a series of cables and platforms suspended in the air.

Costa Rica is a recommended place to enjoy this exciting activity, since it has a large number of protected tropical forests, a warm and humid climate that favors flora and fauna. We have one of the most popular areas for zip lining, our Vista Golfo Adventure Park, offers visitors the chance to see monkeys and toucans as they fly through the forest, there are other parks and similar places that offer impressive views of the volcanoes, but it is still much safer to fly through the air in the wild.

In addition, Costa Rica zip line guides take safety very seriously and visitors receive proper training and equipment before embarking on the adventure. It even has an exclusive braking system typical of our beautiful park. Without a doubt, zip lining in Costa Rica is one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences for those looking for an exclusive interactive visit with nature.

Straight and close to the best natural landscapes, the whisper of the fresh wind, with the full security of being disconnected from the bustle of the central city, this is really something worth sharing and we want you to be our guest of honor to enjoy this unforgettable experience. .

Welcome to zip line tours in costa rica to enjoy with family and friends!

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