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Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo de Nicoya
Tajo Alto, Miramar, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Horseback Riding Tours Through Paradise!

Our exclusive and unique horseback riding tours are meant to relax and give you a peaceful time. We will take you through the most amazing sceneries that are meant to be engraved into your mind and take your breath away. The ocean, the majestic mountains and the rest of Mother Nature come together as one in each and every one of our horseback riding tours at our Adventure Park. You will be able to choose from four different options of tour as we want to please each and every one of our visitors. Our experienced guides and trained horses are waiting to give you the horseback riding tour of a lifetime.
To mention just a few details for each of the tours you will have the option of taking we can start by talking about the Panorama Horseback Riding Tour. Enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and mountain trails as this tour will take you to the highest point of our private reserve. We are located at 700mts of altitude. You will be able to spot colorful flora and diverse fauna so get ready for a unique experience with this particular tour. Most of the animals you will see on the way are accustomed to visitors therefore they will not flee so fast as you approach them giving you a chance to appreciate their beauty.

Another option that might interest you is the Horseback Riding Lookout Point. This tour will take you through a beautiful green forest that will even be felt in the pure air you breathe. You will also get the chance to visit tropical fruit plantations and fertile fields. As you ride through the fantastic rural landscape your tour guide will be able to answer all the questions that you might have about the biodiversity before your eyes. 

Others might be interested in something more refreshing like the Waterfall Horseback Riding Tour. This tour is a beautiful and exciting one! Ride through scenic forest trails, tropical fruit plantations and culminate the experience with three majestic waterfalls. Hike into the heart of the forest and also visit a natural spring water pool where you will be able to swim and freshen up. We will also take you to a perfect lookout point for you to capture the images of the amazing scenery.
Last but not least, get all the details on the Gold Mine Horseback Riding Tour. For something completely out of the ordinary this is a great option. How about getting back to gold washing like the good old days? This tour will begin at our farm and is set to take you back to the 1800s. With your own hands you will experience how they use to wash gold with the washing plate and if you happen to find some gold, you will be able to keep it! But this is not all! Once you have completed that experience, you will get back on your saddle and ride an incredible waterfall where you will be able to swim and cool off.
Always keep in mind that our tours can be for everyone! It does not matter if you are an experienced rider or not, we have fully trained horses for all types of riders. Our horses are cared for in a natural habitat where they can run free. This fact alone will keep them in great physical and mental condition for your own safety.

Costa Rica, the geographic connection between North and South America, offers you an unforgettable experience: a horseback riding tour in the midst of the breathtaking landscape of our mountain area.Our private reserve is located at 700 meters of altitude near Puntarenas and 14 kilometers from the Pan-American Highway. You reach it by a paved serpentine road from where you enjoy a spectacular sight over the beautiful landscape and the Golf of Nicoya. Prepare yourselves for a unique experience. Tropical flora and fauna is waiting for you. Note that wild animals do not flee so quickly when approached on horseback. On our horseback riding tours you have a precious opportunity to pass close by and observe them.
Join a horseback riding tour with us through green forests, colorful fruit plantations, fertile fields and a fantastic rural landscape.A bilingual guide will take care of your questions and explain all details about the rich biodiversity in the area. It does not matter if you are an experienced rider or rather a beginner. We have the adequate horses for both.Our reserve comprehends a surface of 50.000 square meters. Here, our 30 horses run free in an environment which is very close to the natural habitat of horses. Therefor they are in perfect physical and mental condition and are able to enjoy and accomplish every tour and reach a respectable age.
Are you ready for this truly beautiful tour? We will take you through forests and fruit plantations down to an amazing set of 3 waterfalls. This tour is a great combination among riding and hiking on a trail that will give you the option to be completely inside the forest, to finally get to a group of 3 waterfalls. Once on this magical place it is time to jump in the spring water mountain pool to refresh and recover.Enjoy the great view over the Gulf of Nicoya and of the harbor city of Puntarenas at a marvelous lookout point. On the other side of the road you can easily see the elevation of Tilaran’s mountain range. Along the trail you might have the chance to spot howler monkeys and beautiful types of birds. (Available from the 15th of January of 2013)
How about some old-fashioned Gold washing? This tour starts on our farm and takes you back in the 1800´s. An experienced guide will explain everything in detail, so that you can enjoy the world of the gold rush. Use your own hands to experience with a gold washing plate what it was like to live from your luck. In the event that you are lucky, you can keep the gold.Ride a horse for 1 hour to get to this interesting place, then enjoy the experience of your life trying by yourself to search gold!! The tour is after searching for gold not over, you will spend some more time on the back of a horse, in order to get to a place where you can jump into an incredible waterfall.