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Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo de Nicoya
Tajo Alto, Miramar, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Costa Rica Phone: +(506) 2639-8303

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Empfehlungen der Kreuzschiff-Mitglieder  


Bekommen Sie einen Eindruck unserer Touren wenn Sie die Empfehlungen der Crew-Mitglieder lesen!

Dear Vista Golfo Team,
Thanks to you and your staff for a great day! You have a great group working for you and they should be commended. All of us work in the guest service industry, so we know good service when we see it.
Thank you again, we’ll see you next time!, James Dallas - Casino Floor Supervisor, Crystal Serenity (01/14/09)


Dear Barbara and Dietmar,
Thank YOU ALL for the great time we had with you yesterday. Everybody who was there has been talking about it how much they loved the tours, your hospitality and the great lunch. The riders has some sore spots here and there but they do not mind as they had fun. Thank you very much again.
All the best to you and your team!, Dalma Dudas - Training and Development Manager, Azamara Cruises, MV Journey (01/13/09)


Dear Barbara, Dietmar and team,
It was a pleasure, the boys and girls really enjoyed their day and others are waiting for our southbound trip in Oct now!!!We are putting the discount money you gave to Miriam to a donation we are making to an orphanage in Acapulco, as the crew felt others could also benefit from the day they had.We always like to know of places we can help with surplus equipment, old clothes, etc and some cash donations, so if you know anywhere in Costa Rica we can help please let us know.I shall be back in Oct, so look forward to seeing you then,
Kind Regards,Captain Peter Harris, Master ms Westerdam


Hello Barbara / Dietmar,
On behalf of the crew of the Serenade of the Seas, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your warm hospitality. This has definitely been the best tour I have taken since being on ships for the past 6 yrs. And I can say the same for all the crew who were there to enjoy it all day. Your staffs was great and the scenery was absolutely amazing! I only wish everyone was able to go on the 25 Canopy Tour, but obviously with the amount of horses that was not possible. Nonetheless, the 11 Canopy Tour group raved about the facilities and there are absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I will make sure that the next time our ship is in, we will be there once again.Thank you again for an incredible day! Kind Regards, Ricco Colinares - Crew Activities Coordinator GTV Serenade of the Seas


Thanks Again for making the Sun Princess Crew so happy! All they´ve done is rave about how much fun they had on the Canopy Tour. I look forward to the next time we are in Costa Rica. BETSY ALLEN/CREW CLUB V.P.


Hi Dietmar and Barbara,
Sorry this is a few days late - I just wanted to say thank you SO much for a fantastic day!  You have one of the most beautiful spots on earth - thank you so much for sharing it with so many people.It means so much to us to be able to do activities together, and being able to do it in such an awesome place is just an added bonus.All the crew loved it!I certainly did, and can't stop talking about it to my family and friends back home. I'm just so disappointed that the Dawn Princess won't be coming your way again soon (at least not while I'm still on board!) so that we can visit again. I'll definitely return to Costa Rica- I have to come and show my husband what I think is the most beautiful county that I have ever seen! Take care.
Regards Brenda Barnetson Doctor Dawn Princess.

Hi Dietmar Barbara,
The whole crew of Statendam would like to thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful resort and your kind hospitality.Everyone who did the canopy tour commented on the breath taking scenery and friendliness of your staff.Even though it was raining while our group did the canopy, we thought it was an added bonus since it depicted what we would picture when we think about rain forests. Also, the horseback riding (my favorite) was so adventurous.I have been on horse riding tours before, but nothing like this one.When we stopped and hiked up the forest and swam underneath the waterfall was so spectacular!I definitely felt like we were on a beautiful lagoon while breathing in the fresh air and splashing in the cool water.Your resort is a place where I would definitely rave about to my family, friends and colleagues!!
Kristina HAL MS Staatendam

Hi Barbara and Dietmar,
I just want to send You and Your Staff a HUGE THANK YOU for treating us sooooo well today (May 2nd) and for looking after everything so well. This was a truly wonderful experience for our Crew and they all had an amazing time at your Place. I do wish that more of our Crew could have been there but.... definitely next time! Your Place is a "Great Escape" for the Crew on any Ship and We look forward to coming back again in the near future. Thank You so much again!!
Norwegian Cruise Line Crew Welfare Chairman-MS Sky Chris Rader

Good Evening Dietmar and Barbara,
Our crew members on the Summit had a wonderful time today with you and your team. Thank you so much for your hospitality and your warmth towards all of us. The lunch was spectacular and all your staff working with the Canopy Cables made everyone feels safe and secures the whole time. It was our pleasure to spend the day with you and on our way back through Costa Rica we will make sure to plan another trip to see you. Thanks again for everything. Can't wait to zip line through the waterfalls next time!
PS: All the Crew Members had great things to say, I will provide you with more feedback in a few days. Thanks again.Have A Wonderful Day!
Jackie Hannah Team Activities Coordinator GTS SUMMIT

Hi Dietmar / Barbara,
I just wanted to thank you for your help today with the crew from the Zaandam. I have received so many positive comments about the great day that they all had. I hope it was a successful and profitable day for you as well. We will be coming back next year on May 2nd and I would appreciate an email from you at this address to remind me so that we can organize it again. Besides, May 3rd is my birthday so what better way to celebrate it!! Once again, thanks for your offer and for your commitment to providing shipboard crew with a fantastic option in Costa Rica.
Kind regards, Tim Worthley Casino Manager MS Zaandam

Dear Dietmar and Barbara,
Thank you very much for the wonderful day of canopy, horseback riding, swimming, rappelling, rock climbing and trampolining!! We all had a wonderful time, and I am sure at least a few of us will be back to see you again sometime when our next ship comes in to Puntarenas.
Fond regards, Gabriela Oteiza SACD HAL MS Amsterdam

Dear Barbara, Dietmar and Daniel,
We (the crew of MS Mona Lisa) would like to thank you for such a wonderful day which charged our batteries for the up coming working days on board. We cannot stop talking about the canopy tour and horseback riding tour... and probably it will take a while until everybody will manage to says his own story about this day. We thank you for welcoming us with such a short notice and organizing everything for us and be sure that one day we will return for more and more excitement.Best wishes for you and your crew, till next time for sure ;-)in the name of the crew
simona and david ms mona lisa

Good Morning Dietmar
Well once again our crew had the time of their lives. As I stood on the gangway welcoming them back to the ship they all said the had the best time ever, fabulous, very exciting, it was so much fun! Those who had been to your resort before said that this new Canopy tour over the waterfalls with horseback riding was such a great adventure. A whole day adventure in the beautiful Costa Rican Forrest. I have never heard so many wonderful comments from any tour I have done anywhere in the many ports we visit world wide. Also next call many have said they want to go back for the day again, so we'll be in touch! I personally thank you for the well planned and very safe operation you have.Wishing you all the best until the next time we meet.
Kind regards, Robin Walker Team Activities Coordinator

Hi there,
thanks for a great day. All of us had an incredible time and cant wait to get back and do it again!! Your team was very friendly and patient and the food was fantastic. Thank you :)
Yega Internet Cafe Manager M/S Volendam

Hola Barbara!!
Thanks for another wonderful day at Finca Daniel!! We thoroughly enjoyed the horseback riding and hiking to the waterfalls. Also, the sunset was magnificent! We had a very limited time at your place, just 2 ½ hours but it was exciting, beautiful, and relaxing at the same time. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks when the Symphony is back in Caldera. Thanks,ALL
Anja Crystal Harmony

Dear Barbara and Dietmar,
I would like to thank you both for such a wonderful time. Your resort is both spectacular and relaxing. For weeks after I have had crew members thanking me for organizing such a wonderful tour. This is the second time I have come to Vista Golfo but it was the first time I had organized the tour. The best part about organizing the tour is that you made it so easy for me. All I needed to do was have a list of names, and that was it. Made it a joy. The simple fact that I did not have to worry about transportation or the arrangements of groups made it very easy for me. I would also like to thank your staff. everyone commented to me how friendly and easy going all the guides were. Another observation was the good care of the horses and how well they were trained. Some of the people who came on the tour own horses back home. Those who just did the Canopy tour were so thrilled at doing something so very new and exciting. It was talked about for days after. Another thing that made it a great thrill was that it was for crew only and that there was no passengers. Because our ship was doing the Panama Canal crossing. All the crew members had been on ship for 6 days. To have a place all to them selves whether it was doing a tour or sitting by the pool and enjoying a beer made it that much more relaxing. You have made me and 60 other crew members very happy. I hope to visit your hotel again in the future whether I am on a ship or not. If I am with another ship I will most definitely organize another tour. I am very excited about your new development of 25 cables over 11 waterfalls. Thanks again!
Sean King Backstage Mgr. Carnival Spirit

Good Evening Barbara and Dietmar,
Just wanted to say that everyone came back from your tour today with rave reveiws they really enjoyed them selves. I am sorry that I was unable to join them but I knew hey would be in excellent hands as usual. thanks a million. Take care .
Kind Regards, Anya - McLeod IN Team Activities Coordinator Celebrity Cruises- Infinity

Hi there,
...they indeed had a great time, thanks too for giving a good service to our crew, I will definitely contact you again when we stop in Costa Rica.
Best Regards, Hartono , ZADM-Hotel Manager

Thank you very much for being our hosts while we were in Costa Rica. The Crew of Infinity were very happy with everything.It was very easy for me to organize the tour as well, since you are very much in control of everything. From the transportation, to the professional assistance everyone recieved during the tour, you took care of the whole day.I will be recommending you to everyone who goes to Punta Arenas. It is a great way to spend a day and a nice break away from the ship. Additionally, with the use of all your facilities and the lunch included in the price, plus the excitement of the canopy itself, it is a great value for a thrilling day out that we will not soon forget. Please extend Infinity's gratitude to Dietmar, and all of the great people who were assisting us throughout the day, we very much appreciate it. All in all, a perfect day was had by all Infinity crew members, and I have had nothing but positive and grateful comments from everyone who attended. Thanks again, and take care!
Kind regards, Stewart Turnbull - Team Activities Coordinator GTS Infinity

Dear Barbara and Dietmar,
I just wanted to write my own personal note of thanks to both of you for such a memorable day.You really have such a good set up there in the most fantastic valley. I was just spellbound by the scenery all day and your beautiful horses and fantastic cable rides (by day and night) were just bonuses!! Thank-you also for opening up for us so late.We truly appreciated being so far away from the ship and being totally safe in the hands of you guys who truly know how to treat crew.  It felt like I spent the whole day at your place even though we were back and forth a couple of times. It was a fantastic day and it has just confirmed to me that I will travel Costa Rica at my first opportunity. Thank-you so much for your warmth, understanding and overwhelming hospitality. With fond regards as we carry on our world tour onboard The World...
Yours truly, Kirstie L. Butterworth Resident Director,

Barbara and Dietmar,
Thank you so much for making our day at your ranch so wonderful. Everyone had a great time and they keep raving about the awesome Canopy tour and terrific Horseback tour. You have improved the place so much and it makes all the difference in the world. The swimming pool is nice, the bbq is delicious, and your staff are more than accommodating to all our needs. And everyone loves the cool pants and wants to know where we got them! I've already had people inquire about going there next cruise, so I will definitely be in touch with further details. Thanks again,
Betsy Allen/singer - crew club VP :) Princesscruises

Barbara and Dietmar,
Many Thanks for all your help, every-one enjoyed themselves and gave me very positive feedback on your service and the whole operation .I hope to see you all again next time we are in Costa Rica.
Many Thanks again Kind Regards, Geoff Gibbs Crew Relations Manager GTV Radiance of the seas

Barbara and Dietmar March 4, 2003
This was the best tour I have ever been on and it is easily the best crew tour ever! You really know how to take care of the crew and your property is amazing! Everything was great, the canopy the food, the transportation, every thing's. I will recommend this tour to everyone !
Paul Durante Crew Club President Sun Princess

To: All Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Ships
Hello Everyone would just like to send a helpful note that if you are ever in the ports "Puerto Caldera" or "Puntarenas, Costa Rica" I would suggest emailing the below address with Attention to Barbara or Dietmar in order to organize Crew Tours that are guaranteed to be a hassle free success. They offer fantastic tours for Crew Only. Very reliable, extremely organized, includes transportation, lunch and a wonderful relaxing atmosphere for all who need to unwind. I know you will not be disappointed by the outstanding hospitality and professional services they provide. Please read below for more information regarding the tours they offer:
Regards, Robin Walker Team Activities Coordinator M/V Mercury

Good evening! Barbara and Dietmar
I would like to thank you for your assistance and attention provided yesterday to all our crew members who signed up for your tours. The organization was excellent and we've only been getting very good comments about the whole experience. It's very difficult to please so many people at the same time but in this case their expectations were all fulfill. Again, many thanks and we hope to see you again in a near future.
Regards Erika Retana 2nd Purser Crew Relations M/S Grandeur of the Seas

Hi Barbara and Dietmar,
I just wanted to let you know that every single person that came today had the best time. They keep coming and thanking me for organising the day.I will be coming up again in April on another ship and hopefully we can bring some more smiles to some more crew members faces. Thank you for a great day.
Kind regards Lorraine Internet Manager HAL MS Ryndam

Dear Barbara and Dietmar,
Just wanted to thank you so much for hosting our crew members at your resort yesterday. Everyone had a wonderful time, and have made numerous comments about how beautiful it was.Your staff was very friendly and helpful to everyone, and a good time was had by all. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you again when are in Puntarenas.
Kind Regards, Jenifer Emrick FDS/ms Veendam.

I just want to tell you about Hotel Vista Golfo in Costa Rica. It is a small hotel up in the rain forest - a really great place. They offer horse - riding to waterfalls or the cloud forest, canopy jumps, lunch (GREAT LUNCH) it's really an excellent should get a group of you together and go and check them out. It is owned by a German couple...... Barbara is the wife and she does all the organising. I really would recommend that you go up there and check them out.......Her email address is Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!> - they also have a website where you can check them out. They are really crew orientated and will take good care of you! Happy sailing!
Kate Massie Internet Café Manager HAL MS Amsterdam

Hi Barbara and Dietmar,
I just wanted to thank you again for a terrific time yesterday! We really enjoyed both the day adventures as much as the night time excursion. It was truly one of the best days that I have had.We will definatley continue to recommend you and your facilities to anyone that goes to Puntarenas or nearby.We will be back in 2003. Please stay in touch and have a wonderful evening!
Best regards,Jessica Estrada, Onboard Sales Manager, The World

Hallo Barbara und Dietmar,
wir sind zurück an Bord und möchten uns bei Euch nochmal für den wunderschönenTag bedanken. Es war ein Weihnachtstraum!!! Wir werden uns lange an die schönen Stunden erinnern, freuen uns schon auf die Bilder, die wir gemacht haben und haben wahrscheinlich auch morgen ganz schön mit Muskelkater vom Reiten zu kämpfen. Wir wünschen Euch noch ein schönes Weihnachstfest.
Ganz liebe Grüsse vonMarianne, Silke, Noreen und Franziska - MS Columbus

Thank you for the wonderful day yesterday, both riding and doing the canopy tour. I had a great day. I look forward to my next visit to your wonderful place, and I have recommended you to some other crew friends on the Harmony.
All the best, Robert Yacko Crystal Harmony singer

Dear Barbara,
We are writing to thank you once again for a marvelous day. when our ship (the Vision of the Seas) was in port in Puntarenas. Your hospitality, activities and food made for a wonderfully exciting/relaxing day. We loved zipping along the cables, and your chef is fantastic - a memorable meal!! The sunset was spectacular and it was hard to pull ourselves away when it was time to leave. We hope to see you again in the future, and we will certainly pass along your name and info for future crew members to enjoy your establishment. Thanks, and all the best!
Best Regards, Bob Osborne and Moira Malone Art Auction Team Vision of the Seas

Thanks again for a fantastic day....(my body is still recovering!!!) We all enjoyed ourselves so much. You provide a great service for us. (It is so nice to be able to get out and away from the xyxyxyxy as I am sure you can imagine-if only all ports had people like you in them!!!!) Take care Barbara and kind regards to both you and your husband!
Kate Massie Internet Café Manager HAL