Puntarenas Costa Rica is an exclusive region known for its upscale living opportunities. Due to the affordable forms of medical care offered in this area, Puntarenas Costa Rica is quite popular with foreign expatriates. Though Puntarenas Costa Rica is quickly modernizing its community, traces of tradition can still be found at local ceramic shops or art studios. You will never go without! Puntarenas Costa Rica is set in close proximity to modern conveniences such as banks, gas stations and fantastic restaurants. This suburb boasts pleasant weather year-round and visitors quickly fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere. Puntarenas Costa Rica allows easy access to a number of important highways making it easy to explore nearby areas. From high end beauty salons and private riding academies to colorful roadside kiosks, Puntarenas Costa Rica offers all the perks of a metropolitan lifestyle combined with the cozy feel of country living.

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Camping out under a starry sky, in the middle of a misty cloud forest is a great way to travel Costa Rica – especially on a budget.

Be sure to pack plenty of quick-dry clothing, a flashlight, sun hat, insect repellent, towels and a lightweight sleeping bag. If you plan on camping in the rainforest, try to find a campsite that offers raised platforms in addition to covered areas. The weather can be unpredictable and being off the ground will help keep you dry and comfortable. If your plans include camping in the cloud forest or at high altitudes, take warm blankets as the mercury dips significantly at night. Camping can be a fun and adventurous way to extend your travel budget in Costa Rica, and here are a few of our favorite locales.

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Camping is comfortable, but it is also REAL.